I am Cecile Gumenick

started dance studio management jobs when her daughters were little girls. Now, she is proud to manage her oldest daughter, Lisa's dance studio in Santa Monica! Cecile has been a part of the inception and development of The Pretenders Studio from day one. She brings her skills and years of experience as a pre-school educator, office manager, nurse, event coordinator and caterer, and mother of three to her daily duties. Cecile is available to answer questions, suggest classes, register students, book rehearsals, and provide support to all...need motherly advise? see Cecile at the front desk. She loves to be a part of the fun and growth that is at the studio on a daily basis. She values her friendships with The Pretender's teachers, students and student's families bringing a family feel to the studio. Cecile is organized, positive, and resourceful. She can surely help you find what you need at The Pretenders Studio. The wisdom the kids share with her make her days richer.


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