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The Pretenders Studio is an after school enrichment program that specializes in dance training for local youth on the Westside of Los Angeles. We are a dance studio in Santa Monica offering a wide variety of dance classes for kids and teens at all levels. We offer dance classes for children preschool age through high school and offer varying degrees of participation based on individual needs.

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"The Pretenders Studio is more than a dance studio, it’s a community; a place you feel welcome and loved. The Studio allows for great development in dance technique and a safe space to try new things and be yourself. Growing up at the studio was one of the most beneficial things in my life. You’re taught to be yourself, strive to your greatest potential, and be open to the success and failure you experience through life. The Pretenders Studio encapsulates authentic dance education in a warm welcoming environment. The greatest staff makes up the heart of the program. Each teacher is there to help you feel your best and support you through your learning. There is no better dance community than this one.”


Age 15

"At Pretender’s I have found my sisters and role models, who I always strived to be, until I became the big sister. Now I get the opportunity to be that figure for the group that will take my place, it's almost like a Pretender’s life cycle. I think that’s what makes this place so beautiful and magical. To call Pretender’s just a dance studio, is an extreme undercut. This place gave me somewhere to be silly, myself, and make mistakes without fear of the outside world. Pretender’s served as a safe place while I grew as a young girl."


Age 16

"The Pretender's Studio is about more than dance. It is about working to your goals. It is about having fun, and laughing. It is about the people and the community. We work hard in class, and our teachers push us to be our best dancers and our best selves, but we are given the freedom to talk, laugh, and have fun. With community service built into the dance curriculum, each dancer is able to contribute something special to the studio community and the world."


Age 13

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