Our Program

We encourage our students to always try their best, attend classes with an open mind and a willingness to take risks, and to be consistent in attendance and attentiveness. We are proud to say that each year we see a tremendous improvement in our dancers and our student retention is high year to year.


Our program focuses on teaching and building upon the foundational technique within a fun and safe environment. Our dance classes have structure, focus, discipline, creativity, and fun. Our goal is that each dancer who studies with us walks away from class having learned something they can apply to all areas in life as they build self-esteem, confidence, sportsmanship, poise, communication skills, comfort in their bodies, AND solid technique. Additionally, we are confident that each student leaves having had a good physical workout as health of body is most surely linked to health of mind and spirit.


We are committed to providing our studios the opportunity to dance within a supportive group of peers led by experienced experts in our field. Our staff is experienced, educated, professional, caring and creative. We work hard to build a team that is invested in the success and health of our students year over year and we are proud of the progress we see. We come from a variety of dance backgrounds and together work to create a cohesive, well rounded and positive dance education for our students.


We do not compete inside or outside the studio as we feel there is enough competition in the world and we can use our passion and talent for a greater good rather than a trophy. We teach our students to seek out reward from within and to support and celebrate themselves and each other. We believe that hard work results in mastery, joy and accomplishment and a strong team requires strong individuals—we each do our part and together that makes us winners and community leaders.




Our students enter and exit with smiles. This translates to us that we have done our job in both training skilled and happy dancers. Our dancers respect the studio as a sacred space to create, learn, express, set goals, face challenges, achieve growth and build community.


Dance is a sport—exercise for your mind, body and soul:


The Pretenders Studio works under the premise that dance provides the three components of any well-rounded fitness program:


  • Stretch


  • Resistance training


  • Aerobics


General physical conditioning is vital to our program as we work to strengthen from the inside out. Consistent practice builds stamina, strength, flexibility, and memory. Additionally, it combines utilization of the body, mind and spirit. Body awareness and expression through movement is an integral part of life.


Dance motivates teamwork, community, discipline through practice, goal setting, actions to achieve goals, poise and balance, an appreciation and understanding of music, healthy life choices (nutrition, fitness and sleep habits), and positive self-esteem.


Parents are always welcome and encouraged to observe class from the lobby.


*Students will be moved up to the next level on an individual basis when the instructor feels a move is appropriate. This move is at the sole discretion of the teacher and is the for safety of each dancer individually. Class placement is considered on an individual basis.

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