Alumni – Why I Dance – Josiah Lax

I first began dancing at The Pretenders Studio as an outlet for creative expression, but found so much more than a typical dance lesson. Not only was I given excellent training and a strong technical foundation, but the ability to express myself freely thanks to the warm, loving, and supportive environment. The Pretenders family helped me grow my confidence both inside and outside of the studio, thanks to the wonderful, lifelong friendships fostered, and the guidance and care of the fantastic teachers. This has aided me in all aspects of my life including my dancing ability, self-confidence, and even academic performance.

The Pretenders Studio ignited within me a great passion for dance, showing me the beauty of this art form, and the power it has to change the world through programs like the Day of Giving. That ultimately led me to continue my dance studies in college, earning a degree in Dance Pedagogy and becoming a professional ballet dancer. I believe the most important part of my career is outreach into the local community, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to dance and give back at the same time. I gained these values as a young student at Pretenders, which led me on the path I am on today. I am so thankful to have grown up at The Pretenders Studio, I would not be who I am without my Pretenders Studio family!

Josiah Lax

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