Why I Dance – Noa Liberman

From as far back as I can remember, my favorite memories are around visiting my grandparents’ house where I choreographed dance routines with my cousins. It was within those moments that my love and passion for dance was founded.

My big sister is the best dancer I know. Her exceptional talent has is an inspiration for my own journey in dance. During my younger years I loved attended her recitals and watching her daily dedication to practice made me want to dance. I found myself twirling and leaping throughout the day, unable to contain the joy that dance brought me.

Following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic I made the decision to join a dance studio, the Pretenders. At first i was nervous about dancing in a new environment and unsure of my abilities. I was quickly reassured by the warm and supportive community at Pretenders. Despite initially lagging behind my classmates (because I started dance a little after most people my age) the incredible teachers took their time to help me get better and guide me. Now, not only have I improved my skills, but I have also made friendships at Pretenders that I will last a lifetime time.

By Noa Liberman

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