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Summer Dance Session 2023

Day Camp for Kids 8-13 and Teen Dance Intensive Mornings

Make new friends, deepen existing friendships, learn new dance moves and improve your skills! All weeks incorporate dance inspired arts and crafts, include lunch and play outside in the Summer sun, local field trips AND every day begins with Yoga! Pretenders Staff and guest instructors will join us for an array of exposure to different dance styles, techniques and choreography! Families are invited to join us at the end of each week to see a demonstration of what we learn.

Technique Tuesdays will incorporate dance study in the styles of Jazz and Ballet. These are the styles that are necessary for all dancers to build a strong foundation and we are excited to help you create strength and mastery from which to build upon. Dancers will work with teachers to challenge and engage their technique and will learn choreography in both Ballet and Jazz. Additionally day campers will participate in Ballet and Jazz inspired arts and crafts…imagine making your own tutu, building your own flower crown, making your own board game to work on your dance vocabulary, posing for a dance photo shoot showing off your technique and more.

Wacky Wednesdays will incorporate dance in the styles of Hip Hop and Acro/Tumbling. This day is all about exploring rhythm and movement. Dancers will explore the foundational elements of Hip Hop, will learn about what influenced this style historically and what makes it important as a cultural expression. They will also work on flexibility, strength building and acrobatic influenced dance tricks. Dancers will work with teachers who will expose them to the styles of Hip Hop and Acro/Tumbling and will learn choreography in each discipline. Additionally, day campers will engage in arts and crafts projects to support their study of Hip Hop and Acro…imagine creating your own personal record, bedazzling a super cool accessory for your hip hop dance, building an affirmation dream catcher with your dance goals and more.

Throw Back Thursdays is an opportunity to explore the past several decades of music and movement. This day will incorporate exposure to some of the most famous and well known genres of music and dance that influence dance as we know it today. Each decade has gifted us new music and new styles of movement and they are fun to explore and add to our dance tool belt. Each Thursday dancers will work with teachers who will bring a love and excitement for a dance inspired flashes from the past. Dancers will learn choreography in the style of the chosen decade. Additionally, day campers will engage in arts and crafts that will complement the decade they are exploring. This could include accessory creation, costume practicums, video and the study of the most influential musicians and dancers of the chosen decades.

Testimonials From Past Summer Classes

"At Pretender’s I have found my sisters and role models, who I always strived to be, until I became the big sister.  Now I get the opportunity to be that figure for the group that will take my place, it's almost like a Pretender’s life cycle.  I think that’s what makes this place so beautiful and magical. To call Pretender’s just a dance studio, is an extreme undercut.  This place gave me somewhere to be silly, myself, and make mistakes without fear of the outside world.  Pretender’s served as a safe place while I grew as a young girl."

Mia F., age 16

"My daughter's experience with Pretenders really began as a toddler watching her older sister dance! She has enjoyed dancing with the studio for over 6 years now. I've watched her evolve into not only a beautiful and expressive dancer but also a much more confident young woman. I attribute this all to the very safe and creative environment Lisa provides for these young dancers –wonderful group to be a part of!"

Laurie M., proud studio mom

Teen Dance Intensive Mornings

Are you a teen dancer who is dancing at the intermediate/advanced level? Do you want to hone your skills, challenge yourselves and stay in good shape over the Summer? Do you want to dance with your peers in a stress free, engaging and highly motivated setting? If so, our Dance Intensive Summer Session is RIGHT FOR YOU! This 2.5hr dance intensive is a great way to start your day, sharpen and deepen your technical skill and keep your stamina and strength up! Pretenders Staff and guest instructors will join us for Summer mornings of challenge and fun!



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"The Pretenders is my daughters happy place! She has grown in dance and as a young woman. This is a positive place that becomes a family." - Molly L.


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Tess R., age 13

The Pretender's Studio is about more than dance. It is about working to your goals. It is about having fun, and laughing. It is about the people and the community. We work hard in class, and our teachers push us to be our best dancers and our best selves, but we are given the freedom to talk, laugh, and have fun. With community service built into the dance curriculum, each dancer is able to contribute something special to the studio community and the world.

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