The Pretenders Studio Fall Dance Session 2022

Be a part of our dance family. Build a strong foundation of technique in a variety of dance styles. Find continual progress and enjoy friends who share the same love dance and philanthropy.

For Ages 2-18

All levels welcome

Dancers will be grouped by age and level

All dancers perform minimally twice a year

Reserve Your Spot. First Come first served. Space is limited.

September 6th - December 11th

Dancing into the Fall

The Pretenders Studio Fall Session runs September 6th - December 11th

Classes meet weekly for an hour and include a discipline specific warm up, combination of technique building exercises, strength and stamina building work, flexibility training, plyometric and cardio enhancing activity and choreography tailored to the style, level and age of each group.

We expect our students to approach their classes with open heartedness, support, sportsmanship, positivity, full effort and commitment and most importantly, FUN!

We enforce the notion that dance is not about attaining perfection by rather about investing in the process and therefore, our measure of success in witnessing how far we have come and how much progress we have made both individually and collectively.

Build your confidence, skills, strength, health, athleticism and community here at The Pretenders Studio.

Mia F., age 16

At Pretender's I have found my sisters and role models, who I always strived to be, until I became the big sister.  Now I get the opportunity to be that figure for the group that will take my place, it's almost like a Pretender's life cycle.  I think that's what makes this place so beautiful and magical. To call Pretender's just a dance studio, is an extreme undercut.  This place gave me somewhere to be silly, myself, and make mistakes without fear of the outside world.  Pretender's served as a safe place while I grew as a young girl.

Katie R., proud studio mom of 3

"Our daughters have trained at many studios on the Westside over the years, but none was ever quite right.  When we found Pretenders we knew we were home -- in addition to receiving excellent technical dance training, our girls have been welcomed into the Pretenders extended family and a tight-knit community normally only found in small towns.  Unlike most other studios, Pretenders doesn't rush girls to grow up too soon -- instead of focusing on competitions, make-up and negative body stereotypes, there is strong emphasis placed on giving back to the community, positive body image and development of the whole child.  I love knowing that when they are at the studio my girls are in the care of such caring, smart and dedicated teachers."

Laurie M., proud studio mom

My daughter's experience with Pretenders really began as a toddler watching her older sister dance! She has enjoyed dancing with the studio for over 6 years now. I've watched her evolve into not only a beautiful and expressive dancer but also a much more confident young woman. I attribute this all to the very safe and creative environment Lisa provides for these young dancers -wonderful group to be a part of!



Our teachers offer classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Yoga, Acro/Tumbling, Musical Theater and Acting at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Read more about our teachers here.

Getting to know The Pretenders Studio

The Pretenders Studio is dance studio in Santa Monica, Ca  that specializes in dance training for local youth on the Westside of Los Angeles.

We are a dance studio offering a wide variety of dance classes and acting for kids and teens at all levels. We have classes for the most novice dancers who are curious and eager to learn something new and also for those who come to us seeking out a new or different dance experience from the one they had prior to becoming a "Pretender." No matter your level, we have a spot for you! We offer dance classes weekly in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, Musical Theater, Acrobatics and Tumbling, Acting and Yoga. Dancers 2.5 yrs of age through high school are welcome to join us.

We work with each dancer and their family to curate a dance schedule that fits each family's individual needs. All of our performances have a charity component to them so you can be sure you are "Dancing For A Difference" while you are with us!


The location

The Pretenders Studio is located at 1438 9th Street, Unit B in Santa Monica Ca. The entrance to our studio is in the rear of the building with access from the alley only. Please enter the alley from Broadway between Sweet Fin Poke and Jersey Mikes to drop off dancers.

Please use the Santa Monica Blvd entrance to the alley for pick up. The alley runs between Lincoln and 9th street. If you need help finding us please don't hesitate to call the office.


Spots fill up quickly

"The first time I arrived, I noticed a palpable difference in the air…instead of encouraging competition and personal success, there was community and cooperation. From making a music video fundraising for wildfire relief, to creating instructional dance videos for hospitalized children during COVID-19, I grew beyond the focused world of life-on-pointe, to one of meaningful contribution to society."  CeCe - recent graduate 

"I love dancing and Miss Lisa. I have fun at Pretenders." - liv, r. age 6

"The Pretenders Studio is more than a dance studio, it's a community; a place you feel welcome and loved. The Studio allows for great development in dance technique and a safe space to try new things and be yourself. Growing up at the studio was one of the most beneficial things in my life. You're taught to be yourself, strive to your greatest potential, and be open to the success and failure you experience through life. The Pretenders Studio encapsulates authentic dance education in a warm welcoming environment. The greatest staff makes up the heart of the program. Each teacher is there to help you feel your best and support you through your learning. There is no better dance community than this one. " - Bella, age 15

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Tuition Per Class: $532

Each class is culminates in a live performance at our Winter and Spring showcases

Each class is 1 hour per week of group dance instruction

September 6th - December 11th

"The Pretenders is my daughters happy place! She has grown in dance and as a young woman. This is a positive place that becomes a family." - Molly L.