“My daughter has been with The Pretenders Studio for 8 years. She has not only learned to dance—she has learned self confidence, self expression and how to be a meaningful contributor to her community…what a gift!”
–Jamee T.

“Lisa Gumenick and The Pretender’s Studio family have provided my daughters with much more than just “a place to dance”.  Their motto is “Dance for a Difference”.  Values are taught there: compassion, character, love, acceptance, hard work, dedication, kindness and charity.”
-Nancy S. - proud parent of 2 dancers

My daughter and her best friend signed up for a tap class at The Pretenders Studio 3 years ago and we have been going there ever since.  It is such warm, wonderful place where kids are made to feel welcome and included from the first day.  Lisa owns the studio and many if not all of her family are involved in the business, so there is a lovely family atmosphere there.  The teachers are top notch--so professional and talented.  I feel so lucky we found this place.  We look forward to each performance and to their summer sessions.  I always feel like my daughter is well cared for there and she really enjoys their fun classes.  We have had a terrific experience there, and I feel like being a part of The Pretenders Studio has been wonderful for my daughter.
- Carey L.

“In this society of crazy body images for teen girls, My daughter has found her self in her body. She thrives in this community and realizes self expression in a safe, loving, creative space.’
– Bailey F.

“There’s no more important community to our daughter than the passionate, open hearted, and creative group of women and girls at Pretenders studio.  It’s a warm and safe place for growth and artistic development.  And as the only girl of three kids, she is able to experience the joys of sisterhood.”
– Francie C.  

"The Pretenders is my daughters happy place! She has grown in dance and as a young woman. This is a positive place that becomes a family."
- Molly L.

I started dancing at a very late age, and had no idea what to expect. As I walked into The Pretenders Studio for the first time I was immediately greeted with smiles and friendly faces. In fact, it seemed too good to be true that this supportive environment both existed and welcomed me with open arms. No one cared that I, at first, had no knowledge of dance terminology and technique. To the Pretenders Studio all that mattered was that the dancers are enjoying themselves and are improving at their own pace. Dancers at the Pretenders Studio dance for the sake of dancing, and not to please anyone but themselves. It is a place for all potential dancers, regardless of their age, to find both a fresh start and a loving team behind them.
- Hannah M., 16

The Pretenders Studio is The. Most. Incredible. Dance. Studio.  Ever!!!  My girls have been attending classes for the last four years and they love it.  They have learned all different dance styles and have had fantastic, caring, teachers who instill a love of dance and a sense of confidence.  I always have a smile on my face when I walk into the studio and feel the warmth of the staff.  Lisa is an accomplished choreographer, runs a very smooth business and is a huge asset to the community through all of her philanthropic endeavors.  The kids raise a lot of money for various charities and that really gives them a feeling that they are contributing to society by doing something they love.  The recitals are always a blast and the costumes are worn long after the performances are over.  I will always be grateful for the positive influence my girls have gotten by taking classes at The Pretenders.
- Noa E.