• Functional Fitness

Rob Schwenker

Rob loves fitness! He grew up playing team sports and thrived on athletic competition...then came adulthood and the challenge of managing a personal and professional life. Healthy eating and a regular fitness routine flew out the window and (to put it nicely) he lost control of his "physique" and of his health, and so he decided to make a change. There was no gimmick diet, surgery or crazy workout routine, he just started eating better and exercising more regularly. Over the course of several years, he got much healthier and learned a tremendous amount along the way. Inspired to make a personal change, Rob sought out a variety of fitness programs to see what felt right for his needs. After a great deal of training, hands on practice and much research, he has acquired a diverse and well integrated fitness background shaped by weightlifting, body weight exercises, yoga, spin, interval training and much more. He’s a big believer in a fitness routine that provides variety, fun and the noticeable results that keep you coming back and, that eating healthier can be much easier, fulfilling and tastier than you think it is. He believes that since we’re all in it with our bodies for the long haul, the work we do to keep our bodies healthy should match that--Rob believes in a life-style change work out plan that has longevity at its core. He also realizes that life includes pizza, cheeseburgers and chocolate and that there’s a satisfying, non-guilty place for these and other vices in moderation. Rob has developed a fitness program that builds strength, stamina, flexibility, muscle tone, weight management, endurance, cardio health and fun. He feels like he’s gotten to a great place with health and fitness and wants to help you do the same. He is excited to introduce Functional Fitness into The Pretenders Studio community and be a part of actively creating a healthy and positive Santa Monica population.


Functional Fitness ( Tuesday nights @ 7:30pm & Thursday mornings @ 8:45am)

is a class based fitness routine designed for all abilities and fitness levels, ages 14-Adult. Functional Fitness is perfect for a Pretenders dancer looking to improve dance performance through strength and stamina and also for a Pretenders parent looking for an approachable, consistent, time friendly fitness routine. This is fitness for life, no gimmicks and nothing ridiculous--you’ll be challenged, you’ll sweat and you’ll leave feeling like you got a good workout and looking forward to the next one! Due to the individualized approach of this class we are capping the class size to only a few lucky people. Also, Rob is offering private training available by appointment. Please call the office to schedule.