Drop Off / Pickup Info

Our reserved parking spots in the rear of the building are for drop off and pick only. Please do not use these spaces to park in. Thanks for being conscious of our neighbors and keeping the flow of traffic moving. We ask that you car pool or use public transportation whenever possible or even take this opportunity to ride your bike. If you do need to park and come into the studio please respect the posted signs and don’t forget about your meters. There are paid lots in the alley that the local food and beverage businesses are happy to validate if you purchase something from them.

Being 5 minutes early for drop off and 5 minutes late at pick up will help us keep traffic to a minimum. Feel free to call the office or your child when you are arriving so they can be timely with their departure.

For everyone’s safety we will not allow dancers to wait outside the studio in the alley for pick up. They will be permitted to leave once their ride has arrived. Please remind your dancer of this policy.

For the safety of our driving dancers who leave the studio after dark, we suggest using the buddy system to walk to your cars.