Teaching Philosophy

Our Goal

The Pretenders Studio is dance studio in Santa Monica offering all kinds of dance classes for kids and teens.  Pretenders brings to life the language of dance in a way that teaches our students about what it means to be...

  • technically proficient dancers in a variety of disciplines

  • physically healthy, strong athletes

  • effective communicators

  • reliable and dependable team players

  • confident and flexible individuals

  • open minded and creative artists

  • focused, critical thinkers

  • rhythmic and spatially aware movers

  • self-reflective and respectful people

  • graceful and powerful members of our community 

Baby Dancers

Our Commitment

We teach our dancers to listen for the heartbeat of the music and connect it to their own. Musicality, movement, and technique are priorities and we commit to making sure each student has a foundational understanding of how these elements are connected. We encourage students to stretch outside of their comfort zones to find expressive quality of movement and to search within themselves to find the strength, power, confidence, and individuality to share with their classmates and ultimately with an audience. 

Our Expectations

We expect our students to approach their art with open heartedness, support, love and full commitment. We expect them to be honest and to have fun! We enforce the notion that dance is not about attaining perfection but rather about investing in the process and therefore, our measure of success is in witnessing how far we have come and how much progress we have made both individually and collectively. Holding dancers, teachers, and families of The Pretenders Studio accountable to these core values is what makes it possible for us to grow, improve, dance to our greatest potential, and “Dance For A Difference”. 

Students are expected to attend classes with consistent attendance and to be on-time and ready for each class.  Please see Dress Code for more info on how to be prepared for success at The Pretenders Studio.