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Erin Bond

Originally from Las Vegas, NV, Erin began her dance training with Nevada Dance Theatre, later becoming an apprentice for the ballet company. She attended Las Vegas Academy, the local performing arts high school to widen her exposure and understanding of dance including and beyond ballet. There she expanded her training in jazz, Fosse, Graham, Horton, and composition. Erin then made the leap to leave Las Vegas and earned her BFA in Dance Performance from Chapman University in Orange, CA, continuing to pursue her technique, and to deepen her love of choreography and performance throughout college. Since graduating, she moved north to LA and was able to perform and locally, in New York City, and internationally with several LA-area companies, including Gallimaufry and Greene, Anaheim Ballet, Vox Dance Theatre, Escape Artists, and Donna Sternberg and Dancers, while also performing in regional theatres' musicals and other personal projects. The constant student, she also continued her training with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and Alonzo King's Lines Ballet. Erin is thrilled to begin teaching at The Pretender's Studio to share all that she can with students about the beauty of dance and dance within each individual.