Our Company teams are by invitation only and are made up of our more experienced dancers who have fulfilled a minimum requirement of technical proficiency prior to acceptance. They have demonstrated both a dance level and emotional maturity that makes then ideal candidates for this accelerated part of our program. As Company members, these students have chosen to be a part of a more rigorous training schedule as they attend a minimum of 5 classes weekly. These students act as our leadership class, planning all our community service and outreach functions and they are the dancers who have chosen to make dance their main priority for the entirety of the academic year—performing more regularly, rehearsing on weekends, participating in guest workshops, attending out of town events, etc. Students within these groups audition annually to be moved up.


Dancers who wish to prioritize dance as their primary extra curricular activity and make this extra commitment will thrive in this part of our program. Parent/family participation is highly encouraged.


These groups are a great goal to work up to but are not intended for beginners nor are they a good fit for students who participate significantly in several other extra curricular activities.


For more info on Company please contact the office.

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